Browser Compatibility Check

Note: This utility has been designed for customers that are unsure of whether or not their systems are compatible with our website. If there is an incompatibility in a certain area, this tool will assist you in diagnosing what's wrong and issue potential fixes or workarounds. There is no need to download or install anything. This tool is online based and strictly here to assist you in having a problem free session here at 800GoPrint.

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Javascript Enabled

The JavaScript check is once again, another simple test that checks your browser to see if you have javascript enabled. JavaScript is a language developed by Netscape that runs internally in your browser to enhance the browsing capabilities for certain sites that take advantage of this language. Since JavaScript is not ran internally on the server but on your browser, this leaves the control up to you on whether you want JavaScript parsed out of websites or not. By disabling JavaScript your browsing experience may be somewhat crippled if the site depends on JavaScript.